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Client Revelations

Client's view of our resources

The following excerpts have been compiled from commendation letters given to our consultants:

Scott McMurray, IBM NSD Software Development & Services, Raleigh, NC


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  "Kiran.. Thank you for making this organization more Market Driven by delivering early on complex JAVA code and assistance that went beyond the call of duty"
Keith E. Black, AT&T International Applications Development, Alpharetta, GA

"Sri is a talented and gifted professional whom I highly recommend and, should the opportunity avail itself again in the future, I would certainly have no hesitation (whatsoever!) in utilizing his services. It was both a pleasure and a privilege to have been associated with Sri.."

Robert J. Wolfram, Cincinnati Gas & Electric, Cincinnati, OH

"Vasu has consistently met or beat the timelines assigned to him, and his always friendly disposition made it a treat to work with him."

Doug Ring, Holiday Inn, Atlanta, GA

"Reddy Madipadga worked in my section .... He performed in a truly outstanding manner and was the key component in the success of the implementation of DBS Personnel and Benefits."

Mardy Blasingame, CG&E, Cincinnati, OH

"Although Suhas is not a member of the Cash Reporting Group, he willingly took on the additional responsibility of implementing the accounts receivables extract .... He efficiently and successfully implemented these events ahead of the required deadlines."

Steven Miller, Keane, Inc. (at General Mills)

"After one month on the project he began beating all his target dates .... Not only was his work timely, but his work was the highest quality."

Robert Broda, CG&E, Cincinnati, OH

Dennis - you and Vasu have done it! You have delivered all of distribution system ahead of schedule. I cannot thank you enough."
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